Welcome to HackMyAppCheat.Com

This will be the official launching of our website where we provide you on ways how to get game money and resources without using jailbreak and rooting your devices. Since iOS and Android is now popular and mobile gaming is the new trend for this generation, we strive to keep up with the new releases and trending apps in the market.

Why is HackMyAppCheats Created?

We understand that purchasing iapps and game currencies can cost you money, but there is a way to purchase without spending your own cash or swiping you credit card. There are numerous websites that offer you a good chance of earning points and exchanging them in to gift cards that you can then use to purchase the game currency you want. This is called redeeming your earned points in exchange for freemium. This is 100% legit way and at the same time you are supporting the developers of the game that you love playing.

There are ways also to get game currencies without using the market, but this requires you to void the warranty of your device since it involves jail breaking. You may have the freedom to do anything you want with your device and have total control of it but you no longer can update and cannot access Google play store  for android and iTunes for iOS.

The method of joining websites that will earn you points is the long term solution if you want constant access to in game resources, it only requires a little bit of your time, and you can even earn more points by referring others to join the website. You can post it on your Facebook fan page or invite your online friends to take part of the website for an opportunity to win stuff ranging from gift cards to gadgets.

Steps a website can earn you points:

  • Register at the website
  • Download the app on you iOS or Android device
  • Check for available task to do, sometimes watching a trailer or playing a demo for a game
  • Earn points for every task done
  • Refer friends to earn more points
  • Repeat this daily to earn enough points and redeem for gift card
  • Join as many of this kind of website

How To Use My Gift Cards

All right, now that you have earned you first ever game card, you can head to Google play, look for the link on the left side bar, usually at the bottom. You can enter your card code and get the credits on your account which you can now spend on your liking, games, in-game money or what ever you wish. Same as too with iTunes, same step, and when you have the points in your account already, you can start browsing for anything you want, just like shopping. All you need to do now is repeat earning points, redeem and enjoy. No need to spend you own cash when you can earn it free online.

This are some tips and tricks on how to achieve the richness in any game, no real secret, just plain simple trick.